DIY Sunday - felt bow tutorial

Hi everyone!

Todays' DIY is one of my favorite quick crafts ever: A felt bow hairclip.

You will need:

felt, a hairclip, thread and needle, a scissors


First, cut a strap from your felt.

Now, fold the felt in 3 steps.

Then, cut a smaller strap from the felt.

And now, take thread and needle, and add some loose stitches to the bigger part of the felt.

Pull the thread to create the typical bow shape!

And now, add the smaller strap of felt.

Now you already have a bow xD

Sew your hairclip to the back.

And now your hairclip is done!!!!! Hooray for quick crafts, right? Happy Sunday, loves.




Elizabeth Sanchez said...

ha... it's like you know i'm making bows today! i'm so going to make one of these today!!

Vera said...

pretty ❤ i'm still addicted to making bows... still have to make a bunch for the market ;) <3

kate @ undeniable style said...

this is so cute! i love bows.

Tia ionca said...

Love...Love...Love... Blog !!!! Tia ionca

erinpsimpson said...

I love quick projects! These bows could also make great shoe clips.

Anonymous said...

Same steps with patterned wide ribbon is very cute. Also, you can sew them to a headband instead of a clip. Great little fall project to do while the Vikings lose.

Shasrine said...

Nice.. Feels like making one of this for my daughter!