About the birds

We are 8 crafty girls from around the world who just loooove to blog and one day, we started the idea of "Birds of a feather" on Twitter. This is a place where we share great inspirations and DIYs to make our readers happy and to create a community. So just take a look around and explore cuteness the way we see it. Thank you for your support, we are so happy to have you!


Name: Nellie
Blog: This Little Blog of Mine

 Favorite things to make include mini-books, photos + word projects, paintings, cards using fun stamping techniques, and even some sewing.  I am an art teacher by day so I love beautiful messes. Favorite things to collect include old cameras, vintage fabric, vintage needlepoint, buttons, paint-by-number or other cool paintings. I absolutely love thrift shopping so I am constantly on the lookout for cute owls to add to my growing collection.

Main topic for the blog: I will primarily blog about things that I have made or things that will inspire people to create something.


Name: Inkie
Blog: Squishy Chocolate
Etsy: Squishy Chocolate


Eco / organic
Crochet, or anything to do with yarn
Genealogy, diving deep into my family history
Crafting in general
Nature (Not just birdies :) flowers, trees, little critters, beautiful landscapes)

Main topic for the blog: Eco-friendly crafting en nature


Name: Emily Mae
Blog: Divine Chaos

Reading, writing, any kind of art or craft (of course!), dancing, singing, playing Guitar Hero, Star Trek, Harry Potter, riding my bike

My blog posts on Birds of a Feather will be about a variety of things, including crochet, which is my current favorite pastime. I hope to be able to post inspiring pictures of cute crochet things and give tutorials, patterns and techniques that everyone will enjoy. I will also probably post some about technology and other geeky stuff, because I'm obsessed with my iPhone and things like Star Trek. I might also get around to talking about some creative organization techniques I've come across, because I know creative types like us need all the help with that we can get(:

Name: Kate Franco
Blog: Undeniable Style

scrabble, fixing up apartments, making things, quilting, reading/writing/blogging. and not necessarily in that order.

Main topic for the blog: Style, Decor, general good-lookingness. ;-)


Name: Vera
Blog: Seni with Love

I like painting, scrapbooking, reading books and magazines, traveling, cooking, watching movies, working in the garden & outings with my husband, friends and family :) I'm developing my crochet and knitting skills :)

Main topic for the blog:
I blog about inspiration of daily life, inspiration for your home and garden, DIY ideas and craft ideas for/with kids


Name: Larissa (aka Lara)
Blog: The story of my life


Music, Cinema, TV Series, Food + Drinks, Dogs + Cats and everything that life has to offer!

Main topic for the blog: I blog about Food and Recipes - to make you mouth watering every Friday!!!


Name: AJ
Blog: Design, Art, Craft

 I love knitting, drawing, camping, games, sewing, graphic design, architecture, taking photos, and handmade products!

Main topic for the blog: I'll be blogging about color - inspiration, design, wardrobe, etc. Should be fun!


Name: Katja
Blog: Meadchen mit Herz

Interests: As most of us, I love colourful and crazy one of a kind ideas and fun projects. I also like to show my nerdy side with my crafts.

Main topic for the blog: Various creative ways to express the unique ways of everyday life! And fun easy and quick DIYs :)