DIY -headband with glittery stars-

DIY - headband with glittery stars-
You will need:
- a crochethook
- silver yarn and thicker purple yarn
-purple stars from foam
-embroidery thread

If you don't know how to crochet, just look
over at you tube and you will find lot's of
instruction videos how to do so.

Use two pieces of yarn and make 60 singles.
Now add the foam purple stars by using your
embroidery thread and secure them with
a single stitch. Make sure they are tight,
but not to tight!

ta da you're glittery stars headband is ready!

It was not easy to make a good picture,
but i think this one will do ;)

XO. Vera

ps If you like to see more inspiration + DIY's, take a look over at my own blog Seni with love


Missy Daisy said...

Your blog is so cute, I love it <3

Natt Smith said...

awwww what a cute headband !!