DIY -Make your own Xmas soap garland-

It's DIY time!! I made this a few days ago over at my own blog and also will share it here. For today we are gonna make a Xmas soap garland. It's not a whole new concept, but i have made one with mixed materials. You can hang it in your bathroom or toilet, just for a little Xmas feelin' (and it smells great!) or make one as a Xmas gift :)

DIY -Xmas soap garland-
- little white pompoms
-wooden beads
-little soap stars
- kitchen/garden yarn
-little piece of ribbon

1 I first started with knotting this cute heart

2. Then it is already time for the fun part!!
Thread all your things on the yarn the way
you like it. Your needle will get soap on it,
so it's necessary to clean it from time to time.
If it's difficult to pull the needle through use
your tshirt or a tea towel for it.

3. You can make it as long as you like!
When your done just make a knot at the end.

4. Finish it with a loop, this way you can
hang your soap garland easily.

5. Then it will look like this!
Cut the end and finish your garland
with a cute bow.

And you are done!

XO. Vera

Cute blog(s)

I'm not a big fan of reading magazines or newspapers on the internet, but for this e-magazine i will make an exception! I love reading the blog of Danielle. Above i have used pictures of the sweetness that i found over at her blog, to give you an impression :) If you don't know a blog, check it out here And if you like to check out the link to the e-magazine, go over to this topic of her blog!

It's always fun to discover new blogs full of inspiration, so i thought it would be a great idea to share! Leave a comment with one or two of your most favorite blogs, this way you can exchange with all the other followers and you may discover new blogs ♥

XO. Vera

DIY -make your own little goodie/giftbag-

Well hello, i hope you are still enjoying our (crafty) blog :) For today i have another DIY for you. I made this post several months ago over at my own blog, but with the upcoming Holidays i thought it would be lovely to also share it here ❤

When i was sorting out my craftsupplies i saw all my pretty wrappingpapers and thought it was a pity that they were just lying around, instead of being used! There's such pretty (gift)paper all around! Just a few examples: Christmas wrapping paper, scrapbookpaper or even design your own!

- (gift)paper
-double sided tape

cut a piece of paper in the size that you like

fold your paper

fold the other (smaller half) over the big one

confirm you double sided tape
and fold the smaller side over it

fold the 'bottem' up

add double sided tape
fold & make sure it's solid

almost done..

i've cut a little 'wave' on top with the siccors
& added my own 'business' card

You can use little clothespins to close it,
use a stapler and add your 'business' card there.
You can also make two holes on top and pull
a little ribbon through etc.

There are endless ways..
explore yours xD

XO. Vera

Recently Stumbled...

Do you stumble?

Sometimes I like to stumble while 'watching' football or when I have a little bit of time to kill. It can be a real time waster, because it sucks me into all of my favorite types of sites...Photography, crafting, recipes....but I can also save my favorite stuff to return to later when I have more time or I just need some inspiration. Also it keeps me in check on what I really want to look at without cluttering up my bookmarks, (I need to organize the bookmark tab on my computer, so much randomness!)


Here are some of my most recent finds. I think you will like them!

Pinhole Photography: 10 Paper Cameras for Photograph Purists 

Here are some amazing pinhole cameras. Check out the site for more!

30 Day Speed Creating

This guy is amazing. I love all of his creations, especially these:

Thread wrapped grapes...and some were dipped in wax. Amazing.

A colored pencil bookshelf, I love it!

Lamps made with resin, a tube sock and a balloon. Gorgeous and lovely!

I cannot stop thinking about this awesome Funion creation. Delicious and elegant.

Made By Joel

 Everything made by Joel is lovely.  He makes the simplest toys for his kids and I just love them. He even has tons of free printables.

Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a good week. I did some paper mache for my classroom today, I hope to be finished in time for next week's post!