Coloring Your Space

The colors on your walls impact the way your rooms feel.

Cool greens and blues seem to retract, making a space feel more open.

Warm yellows and oranges contract, making a space feel cozy.

And of course vibrant colors make a room come alive.

What color are your walls?

DIY -restyle your tin cans-

Hi :) I just love restyling things that are old or that you just don't like anymore :) I haven't had the time to make a DIY for you, so instead i've found four DIY's that you make. Beneath every picture i've left a link! You can use your restyled new tin can for pencils, flowers or what ever you like :) Have fun!!

found here

found here

found here

found here


green crafting: recycled sweater pillows

Today's post is some inspiration I used to come into the mood for te online sewing class Home Ec. This summer, I am finally going to learn to sew! That is: I am finally learning how to use my sewing machine for more than the basic straight lines and shortening of my trousers. One of the things I want to learn is sewing my own pillow cases (with zipper). I have some old clothes cut out in squares already and I am looking for some great old sweaters to use to. I was not really sure about the sweaters, till I did a little search on the internet. Recycled sweater pillows can be so beautiful! I really need a trip to the thrift store now.
Here are some of the beauties I found online (including some links to DIY's):

Sweater pillow DIY on Country Living

Sweater Cushion DIY by Refashion on Refashinoso

Flower Garden Accent Pillow by FeltSewGood on Etsy

Patchwork pet bed on Apartment therapy

Bright Tiles Pillow by lolagodiva on Etsy

Fish scale pillow by plytextiles on Etsy

Happy crafting!
Love, Inkie

Are you inspired? Please show us your creations at our Flickr group.

Do you want more green crafting? Check out my posts about recycled maps and recycled paper crafts.

Summer Hair: Bohemian Braid UPDO

Hello friends! Happy Monday!

I found the most amazing hair tutorial for a bohemian summer updo. Wowzers, I had to share!

Over on the Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno blog, I have found a lot of inspiration this week! Tons of fitness, style and music inspiration in every post! LOVE IT!! Definitely one of my new favorite blogs.

One of my most favorite recent posts was the Summer Hair: Bohemian Braid UPDO. Go check it out for yourself.

I tried the updo myself....a little challenging for my long, thick, layered hair, but it is a version of the same style.

I can't wait to accessorize with a feather, headband or clip-on flower....So many ways to change up the same look!

Have you found inspiration for your hair online lately? I would love to see more summer styles! Post a link to your favorite posts, or if you decide to try this style, leave a comment with a link, I would love to check it out!

DIY DSunday - milkfree muffins

Hi there!

Todays DIY is more of a bake-it-yourself! I LOVE baking, and here's a cute treat for you:

Those muffins are made without milk (because I have a lactosemalabsorbiton and can't stand milk ^^)!

Here's what you need:

1 cup sugar

1.5 cups flour

0.5 cup oil

2 eggs

0.5 cup mineral water

0.5 package baking powder

0.5 package instant pudding mix

Mix all ingredients together, then fill the dough in small baking cups. I used chocolate candy cups xD Haha, so cute! And now bake for aproximately 10 minutes at 180 °C.

Decorate them the way you like and... yummy yummy!

Happy baking!!!!




A little orange inspiration for you :-)

(images via weheartit)

outdoor inspiration also inside

Hi! I just came from my vacation, that i spend not far away. We stayed in the Netherlands and enjoyed our vacation at Terschelling (a Dutch island). If you like to see peeks you can click here to go over to my blog :) Before i start with today's blog we want to thank Nikolina for rewarding us with the versatile blogger award ❤ I've missed your comment because i was on vacation, but i will make a post about it next week! Do you want us to make a list of inspirational blogs all together or separate? Let me know :)

After spending so much wonderful time outside the last few weeks, outside and inside merge. When it's really hot we have our patio doors open in the early morning to let the fresh air in. I always enjoy eating my breakfast outside at that time, by sitting at our bench in the garden. I't quiet so early in the morning, so you can hear the birds singing....

I love outdoor furniture, picknick baskets, plants, pots and decorations! During the fall and winter i always decorate my garden. This way i can enjoy looking outside when i spend my time sitting at the couch inside with a hot cup of tea. I know it's still the middle of summer, so i'm enjoying every moment that i can spend outside!

all images are from the Dutch magazine

I will end this post with this sweet garden picture
that i found at the lovely blog of miss Bee
An easy way to give your old gardentable a new look!

Hope you enjoyed this post xD


yarn stash

I just spend over an hour sorting my yarn stash. Well actually, just a quarter of my stash.
Sometimes I remember the days my stash was still small, like this beautiful stash from Making Chicken Salad:

But nowadays, it looks more like this:

(This is actually a little part of my friend Marije's stash :-) )

I use a part of my cd cabinet, a couple of purple boxes, a wicker basket and my couch for storing my yarn. I am looking foreward to the day that I will have a huge cabinet with lots of compartments to store and display my yarn. In the meantine the couch works just fine and I like to daydream looking at great yarn collections of other people online, like these:

What does your stash look like? What do you use to store it?

(All pictures link to the original source)

Let's Have a Party!

Saturday night I threw a party!!! Wear your best cheap disguise!
I love hosting themed parties. Some of my favorites: Ugly Sweater, 80s, New Years Eve, Pajama Party, and Christmasquerade.

Any celebration can be turned into a theme party with a few cheap disguises! I encouraged my guests to wear something cheap and fun, like a mustache. I didn't want this to be a typical 'mustache party' but some of the elements are very similar and I got lots of ideas from mustache parties that I found online. 

 In my search I found the Wedding Chicks and I decided to make some of their amazing Sculpty mustaches. Such a fun idea! I made a bunch and put them in a vase. They were easy to access for pictures and made a great centerpiece.

To find out how to make your own,  read here. These are so easy, great for a birthday party for kids or adults, a shower or even a wedding reception! So fun!

 I also printed off tons of things that I hung around the house. Here is one amazing printable that would be great for kids!  The image below is from Digital Design House, an April Fools Printable for a Cheap Disguise Kit. Absolutely fantastic!

Seven MORE great resources for you:

1. Find a great printable here from The City Cradle.

2. You can buy loads of disguise stuff on found some cool stuff here.

3. For an awesome DIY for mustache lollipops, click here.

4. I really wanted to make the cake that I saw on Paisley Jade's blog...a mustache was awesome! Maybe another time, let me know if you try it though!

5. One of the cutest boy birthday parties ever. Some great ideas for using ties and mustaches!!

6. Order your own Instant Villain Disguise Kit from Archie McFee (And sign up for a free catalog while you are at it!)

7. My favorite blog post, the one that gave me the most ideas for my own decor: Jackie Oh Fo, A Stache Bash. Awesome!! So many good ideas!

Okay so from all of those sources, here is what I came up with. I found some awesome foam heads at a flea market and I put them up on my mantle. Then, I displayed all of my wigs (from other parties) on the heads. Each head had its own unique mustache, cut from felt.

Below the heads, on the edge of the mantle, I used my Poladroid Polaroid Maker and images found on a google search of 'famous mustaches' to make images of some of my favorites. I printed them on white cardstock and stuck them up with glue dots.

A mustache bandit came by and stuck felt mustaches on paintings, photos and statues in my house. Here is a cute owl with a mustache and a picture of my niece!

All in all, it was a great night. Below, you can see some of my favorite Instax pictures from the evening. A few real mustaches, and lots of fake ones! Enjoy!!

How's this for a cheap disguise?? Haha!

Best wishes, happy parties and hope you are having a great MONDAY! Thanks for reading.

Also, if you know of any other great links, add them in the comments...let's get them all in one place!