DIY -crafting (with) leafs-

Autumn is arriving and the leafs are already falling down, so for today i have two easy fall DIY's for you. You can make these with your kid(s) on a rainy day, but make sure to collect the leafs before, so that they are dry and not to curly. You can click on the image to make it bigger, so all you have to do is copy it and fix it at your own size.

DIY 1 -making a leaf owl-

You will need:
- to print out this owl
- glue
- yarn

  1. cut out the owl
  2. use glue on your owl
  3. take your leaf and rub on it, so that little pieces will fall off
  4. if you need more leafs to fill the paper do so and make sure they are sticking to your paper
  5. use two pretty leafs that can be used as the wings of the owl
  6. you can also decorate the back of the owl with little pieces of leafs
  7. make a little opening in the head of the owl
  8. pull yarn through and tigh it together
DIY 2 -fold your own leafs-

You will need:
-folding paper

I have a few pretty folding books for kids,
that i've been using over the years at school.
This idea is from the book 'Het grote
vouwboek deel 2' (it's a Dutch book).
This one is very easy, i made those leafs
last year with 4/5/6 year old kids. The smaller
kids need some more assistence with folding and
cutting ;) Have fun!

step 1
You can use different sizes of folding paper and
any color that you prefer. If your kid likes purple
leafs, go with it ;)

fold it through half, open and half again and open

step 2
fold until the middle
step 3
fold the other side to the middle
and open your paper

step 4
turn your paper and repeat step 2 and 3

step 5
fold open and if you have done it right,
you will have 16 squares

step 6
fold the right downside to the middle, like this

step 7
use your sciccors to make two little cuts
stop at the verticale line

step 8
fold your paper like this

step 9
and fold the one above the same way

step 10
take your scissors again and cut 2 lines
again and stop at the horizontale line

step 11
fold them just like you did at step 8 and 9

step 12
turn your leaf ;)
to finish you can glue a little brown
piece on the bottem.

You can glue them on paper, hang them
on your window or make a garland
from several folded leafs!

Happy crafting!

XO. Vera

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