Five Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

While browsing for Vintage hairstyles a couple of weeks ago, I got inspired to try some new techniques out on my hair. I came up with super easy 5 BUN style that was super easy and fun.

This hairstyle is great because it is perfect for a vintage dress, casual outfit or you could even wear it out for an elegant up-do. My favorite part about it, if the weather gets really humid or rainy and you've got a tiny bit of curl to your hair from the moisture in the air, you can save a limp, raggy-looking style with this quick fix-up.

My hair is a little too straight for this style...I recommend having your hair slightly curled so that the buns will wrap around easier. I like to use this hairstyle when my hair is really wavy or curly from rain/going to bed with damp hair/or just otherwise in need of taming!

You will need:
Curling iron, or slightly curled hair
bobby pins-lots!
rubberband/ponytail holder
hand mirror and regular mirror
maybe a comb or brush

TIP: You might want to use two mirrors to get these last two bun in the right spot so they aren't to low or to far to the side. Getting those two buns in the right spot is the difference in making the whole thing slightly wonky or perfect!

 I went outside to try to get a better picture of how the buns look in hair is a super dark and it was late evening so I didn't get the best image...but you get the idea!

Hope you try this! Put your a link in the comments if you decide to try this style, I would love to see it!

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Anonymous said...

awesome!! I have been rocking the 2 bun half pony for awhile now with a few flower clips thrown in.... but the weather is warming up around here and this 5 bun style is purrrrfect :)