Washi tape rules ❤

Sorry for my absence yesterday! My uncle suddenly died, so i kinda had other things on my mind! For the ones that also follow my blog 'seniwithlove' they have already seen this post. I didn't have time to make a new blogpost, so i decided to also share this cute one here!

When i was looking at my little collection of Japanese paper tape, i began to think.... What is fun making? I did a little google surch and found a few inspirational sites, hope you will enjoy them too :)

this is a great blog, look here

decorate your vases, look here

make a mini bunt, look here

decorate little vases or pencilholders,
look here

Washi tape rules :)

XO. Vera


{ to be charmed } said...

Thank you so much for the mention in your post on Washi tape!

~ Elizabeth

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

wonderful post! i cant wait to try this out!!!