DIY -folding boats-

As promised a DIY about folding boats! I can show you the steps by taking pictures from every folding step, but instead i've found a little video on youtube :) Above there is a little Dutch, but the whole video is without words, so just join in! For the ones that are advanced at folding is also found the drawing step by step version. For those of you who are thinkin' that folding a boat is boring, you should check out the pictures that i found! You can make these with your kids, they really float, you can use them as decoration, as a birtday treat, as a name tag on the table or just put your french fries in it when you're having a bbq. The list with options is endless and so much fun!

you can use them as a birthday treat
or make fun ones with cute halloween
wrappingpaper source

make boat name tags

for your french fries!

A Dutch artist used them for a square.
he wanted to get attention for all the
fugitives that die on similar boats source

Hope you enjoyed it! Have fun folding :)

XO. Vera

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