Cute blog(s)

I'm not a big fan of reading magazines or newspapers on the internet, but for this e-magazine i will make an exception! I love reading the blog of Danielle. Above i have used pictures of the sweetness that i found over at her blog, to give you an impression :) If you don't know a blog, check it out here And if you like to check out the link to the e-magazine, go over to this topic of her blog!

It's always fun to discover new blogs full of inspiration, so i thought it would be a great idea to share! Leave a comment with one or two of your most favorite blogs, this way you can exchange with all the other followers and you may discover new blogs ♥

XO. Vera


Blair McLeod said...

blogged about y'alls great blog today!!! loving it!!

Blair McLeod said...

ps i'm your newest follower :)