DIY -make your own little goodie/giftbag-

Well hello, i hope you are still enjoying our (crafty) blog :) For today i have another DIY for you. I made this post several months ago over at my own blog, but with the upcoming Holidays i thought it would be lovely to also share it here ❤

When i was sorting out my craftsupplies i saw all my pretty wrappingpapers and thought it was a pity that they were just lying around, instead of being used! There's such pretty (gift)paper all around! Just a few examples: Christmas wrapping paper, scrapbookpaper or even design your own!

- (gift)paper
-double sided tape

cut a piece of paper in the size that you like

fold your paper

fold the other (smaller half) over the big one

confirm you double sided tape
and fold the smaller side over it

fold the 'bottem' up

add double sided tape
fold & make sure it's solid

almost done..

i've cut a little 'wave' on top with the siccors
& added my own 'business' card

You can use little clothespins to close it,
use a stapler and add your 'business' card there.
You can also make two holes on top and pull
a little ribbon through etc.

There are endless ways..
explore yours xD

XO. Vera

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