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Do you stumble?

Sometimes I like to stumble while 'watching' football or when I have a little bit of time to kill. It can be a real time waster, because it sucks me into all of my favorite types of sites...Photography, crafting, recipes....but I can also save my favorite stuff to return to later when I have more time or I just need some inspiration. Also it keeps me in check on what I really want to look at without cluttering up my bookmarks, (I need to organize the bookmark tab on my computer, so much randomness!)


Here are some of my most recent finds. I think you will like them!

Pinhole Photography: 10 Paper Cameras for Photograph Purists 

Here are some amazing pinhole cameras. Check out the site for more!

30 Day Speed Creating

This guy is amazing. I love all of his creations, especially these:

Thread wrapped grapes...and some were dipped in wax. Amazing.

A colored pencil bookshelf, I love it!

Lamps made with resin, a tube sock and a balloon. Gorgeous and lovely!

I cannot stop thinking about this awesome Funion creation. Delicious and elegant.

Made By Joel

 Everything made by Joel is lovely.  He makes the simplest toys for his kids and I just love them. He even has tons of free printables.

Thanks for reading! Hope you are having a good week. I did some paper mache for my classroom today, I hope to be finished in time for next week's post!

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