DIY -Make your own Xmas soap garland-

It's DIY time!! I made this a few days ago over at my own blog and also will share it here. For today we are gonna make a Xmas soap garland. It's not a whole new concept, but i have made one with mixed materials. You can hang it in your bathroom or toilet, just for a little Xmas feelin' (and it smells great!) or make one as a Xmas gift :)

DIY -Xmas soap garland-
- little white pompoms
-wooden beads
-little soap stars
- kitchen/garden yarn
-little piece of ribbon

1 I first started with knotting this cute heart

2. Then it is already time for the fun part!!
Thread all your things on the yarn the way
you like it. Your needle will get soap on it,
so it's necessary to clean it from time to time.
If it's difficult to pull the needle through use
your tshirt or a tea towel for it.

3. You can make it as long as you like!
When your done just make a knot at the end.

4. Finish it with a loop, this way you can
hang your soap garland easily.

5. Then it will look like this!
Cut the end and finish your garland
with a cute bow.

And you are done!

XO. Vera

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