Flowerloom ❃

A while back i bought a flowerloom, because i wanted to make vintage flowers. The instructions that i found in the box, weren't great :( So i thought i would surch on the internet, but couldn't really find a great instruction their either (except pictures from pretty flowers that we're made with the flowerloom). Finally a few days ago i found this great video over at Martha Stuarts blog and i could start making flowers. If you like to watch that video click HERE. This is the flowerloom that i have:
found here

ta da... and these are my first three!!
Once you get started it's really addictive ;)

The flowerloom is cheap and so so cute!
Just a perfect gift for yourself or for the
upcoming holidays ;)

Have fun!!

XO. Vera


The Semi Sweet said...

So funny but I originally found your image through frecklednest and promptly went to amazon.com to find a flower loom. Love these things so much! I envisioned making a ton of them for a flower-beaded curtain:) Then I see your post and I'm even more excited because now there's a video to watch!! Thanks!!

Suburban Sweetheart said...

I've never heard of a flowerloom. I WANT ONE. These are adorable. What will you use them for?

Vera said...

@the daily fashionista

Sooo funny indeed :D Keep me posted on your flowerloom adventure! Have fun watching the video, that will make you even more excited :D

You can also find me over at my own blog http://www.seniwithlove.blogspot.com/

@surburban sweetheart

You can use them as a brooch, you can add it to deocrate your bag, make smaller ones for scrapbooking, on gifts etc etc Have fun :)

Nellie Mae said...

Love this!!

Marije said...

I really want one now!

The Sneezeweed said...

after seeing this I went out and got a flower loom. I am hooked! I found some really cool techniques and ideas here: