Recipe: Chicken Malakka

Today I want to share my favorite recipe with you: Chicken Malakka (or Quorn Malakka, the veggie version). I have been eating this for 3 days in a row now, and still would like some more.

What you need to make Chicken of Quorn Malakka:
chicken or quorn
red pepper powder
soy sauce
stroganoff sauce
(indonesian) peanut sauce
bean sprouts

This is how you make it:
Start with boiling spaghetti, cause this takes up most of the time.
Bake the chicken till it turn a little brown (When you use quorn, you'll add the quorn later in the process).
Add the diced onion, bake it till it's glazy.
Add the mushrooms (and quorn for the veggie version) and bake them too. (I like my mushrooms quite big and bake them very short).
Add red pepper powder together with the mushrooms. The more the better! (Well, not all of it, about one or two teaspoons will do).
At the end of the baking, add a little soy sauce.
In the meanwhile, you can prepare your sauce. For the sauce I use a mix of stroganoff sauce and peanut sauce. Don't bother making them from scratch, the ones where you just have to add water taste just as good!
Put the sauce in the pan with all the goodies you baked. Let it get to boil.
When the sauce boiles you can add pineapple parts and bean sprouts. (I usually use canned pineapple, because it is so much cheaper! Best part is that you can add the juice too, which makes the Chicken Malakka taste even better!).
Let the sauce boil for a couple of minutes.
Put some spaghetti on a plate, pour the sauce over it and digg in!

Chicken Malakka tastes even better when you serve a simple salad with it, made with lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, onions and a simple mayonaise-based dressing.

bon appetit!

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