Sunday DIY - Headband.

Happy Sunday everyone!

It's DIY-day, so here's a new craft project for you:

For this cute hair accessory, you will need:

felt in 3 different colours, a hairband, scissors, sewing needle, thread, a button.

First, cut 3 circles in different sizes from every colour of felt you chose.

Put them on each other

and with the button in the middle, sew together.

Now, carve the layers of felt.

Like this!

And then, sew the felt piece to your hairband.

Guess what?! You're done! :D

Hope you are having a great crafty Sunday and maybe this tutorial inspired you to create some cute hair accessory?!



PS: Do you have any wishes for DIYs in the future?! Let me/us know!!!!

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hair accessories said...

What an easy, cute and stylish headband! I'm definitely gonna try this out. So glad you shared this little tutorial on here! Thanks for the inspiration. :)