DIY -restyle your empty bottles or jars-

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I have a lot of empty bottles from juices or jars that were filled with food. Usually we through them away in special glass containers, but before i through them away i always look if they can be used as a little vase. I keep the pretty shaped ones and although i like them just the way they are, it's also nice to give them some color from time to time! And this is how we are going to do this today...

DIY -restyle your empty bottles or jars-

Step 1 supplies
You will need:
-an empty bottle or jar
- some pretty papers
-buttons (medium or big)
- scrapbook flowers in different colors
-raffia, yarn, lace
-double sided tape

Step 2
I used pretty Japanese paper that i usually
use for origami. See if your paper fits the
bottle. If not cut the piece off that you don't need.

Step 3
Use your doublesided tape and secure it
on the back of the paper, like this. Take

step 4
You can choose to do your bottle
half with paper or all round.
If you want to make it all round,
you can do that at once if your paper
is big enough or in 2 parts (like i did).
Make sure that they are at the same
height, by starting were you've

Step 5
Make a little flower just for decoration.
I used a piece of lace that i normally use for
making necklaces :) Pull it through the flower
and then the button. Confirm it on the bottle
were you like and make a knot.

Step 6
You're done!

If you want to use it as a vase,
be careful when you put water in it!!
It's still paper and it would be a pitty
if it got wet ;)

Did i inspire you enough to make one of your own?

XO. Vera

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