DiY -painted stones-

An easy DIY for yourself, the kids, a birthday party or as a rainy day activity with the family :) You can buy stones in a store or at a garden centre, but usually they are more expensive then when you find them in nature. Go out for a walk and bring home a bunch of stones.. All you need is acrylic paint, paintbrush, water and your own imagination! I've painted mine turquoise and purple. Since they are still in their drying state, i have some time to figure out what i want to paint on them. Since i will be selling some on a market in a while, i really want to paint something easy and catchy!

i totally love these!
found here

based on crochet inspiration
found here

found here

found here

There are even workshops for a few hours
that you can follow. But i like to experience
at home :) Since we had a few rainy days,
it felt like a perfect thing to do!

Have fun painting them & if you
did let me know :)



marci said...

Wow! Those rocks are amazing! I love to see when people take ordinary things and turn them into something beautiful. I stenciled some rocks recently but they were nothing like this! :)

Lindsay C said...

Your rocks.. rock [is that lame? lol]

Vera said...

ha ha no it isn't Lindsay lol