Nerd Alert: Video Game Themed Party

Hey everyone!! I would love to share some photos with you from a recent surprise birthday party.

The theme was: Video we HAD to decorate the entire house with Super Mario images that we made, arts and crafts style.

I showed up the night before the party with a few images printed off the internet, some construction paper, sharpies and some tape and glue and everyone pitched in to make the night a success.

A work in progress!
Making some coins.....clink, clink, clink, clink, clink, clink, clink, clink!

A few boo diddlies. ;-)
Vines for the green walls in the bedroom.
The night of the party, Brannon was truly surprised and everyone had fun with simple costumes. It was SUPER hot so simple was good. Here are a few of my friends that came dressed as 'Pong,' an old Atari game. Black t-shirts and white duct tape!
My favorite costume, Shaina with a packman suit!
I'm a SIM, with Shaina!!
Solid snake.....???? I think.....
And the birthday boy as Billy Bullet!

To make my SIMS 'costume', I glued two craft cones together (styrofoam would probably work better, it would be lighter) and painted it bright green. Then I stuck a coat hanger up in the cones and wrapped it around a plastic headband. I wrapped the wire in black electrical tape and then covered it in black ribbon so that it would look a little better. Also, I attached the ribbon with some fabric glue. Super easy and I could take it on and off pretty easily.

I also made some yummy Atari Joystick Controller brownies instead of a cake. You can see pictures and read more about them on my blog, click here!

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mais something said...

The sims costume idea is so genius yet simple! :D
You guys did a great job on the decorations too. Too awesome.