A cupcake parade!

A cupcake parade!!

Last winter I taught a class about color mixing using frosting...I made up red, yellow and blue frosting for each student and let them mix the colors on a plate and then spread the frosting on to wafer cookies. It was super fun!!

When I got home I had a bunch of left over frosting so I decided to make some cupcakes. And then I had a fun photo shoot!!

Wouldn't these be great for a party?

Here are a few that I added text using Picnik. Feel free to print them on cardstock for a quick and easy card!

Hope you have a great week!


Inkie said...

Great colors! I love it that they are so bright!
What kind of frosting do you use? And which food coloring?

Nellie Mae said...

I used regular food coloring (blue, yellow, red and I think I added the NEON food coloring to the base yellow to make a really pretty yellow-orange...and a NEON blue to yellow to make a really pretty blue-green).

I used plain vanilla frosting.

Unknown said...

Lovely! Such vibrant colors! Love it.

Anna Elder said...

these are gorgeous! almost too pretty to eat. new follower!