DIY Sunday: Happy thoughts journal


Happy Sunday!

I loooove journaling lately – and this is my special way of journaling!
It’s a happy thoughts journal where you can store your happy memories….

happy 1

What you'll need:

A journal

happy 2

I chose a mini album with a “window” at the front side

happy 3

and blank white pages inside!
But you choose your kind of journal.
You will also need some cute fabric and decoration material (like ribbons etc), things that make you happy (photos….)!

happy 4

First, lay your journal on the fabric and trace the outlines.

happy 5

I decided to only use fabric to cover the front side of my journal.

happy 6

The tricky thing about my journal was the “window” – I traced the outlines of it too and then cut an X from one side to the other.

happy 7

I used glue to fix the fabric to the inside of the front page.

happy 8


happy 9

Now that the fabric is fixed to the inside of the “window”, use glue again to fix the overlaying fabric to the inside.

happy 10

You need to fold the right side of the fabric so the spiral binding can still be used.

happy 11

happy 12

Start decorating the outside of your pretty journal <3

happy 13

I used a cute leather-flower-decoration ribbon

happy 14

and Alphabet stickers.

happy 15

It says HAPPY :D

happy 16

I thought, some decoration on the window would be pretty.

happy 17

So I printed out a pretty picture and glued it to the window

happy 18

Then, I glued the first page of the journal to it.

happy 19

Isn’t that pretty?! :)


Now, onto the pages….Start making this journal your own and add some pretty decoation and pictures and colourful paper!



happy 20


Have fun crafting this cue cute CUTE journal! Make it your own, get creative <3

Love yous,



Lindsay C said...

This is so cute! I love the little camera and the tape!

Happy Kathy said...

Beautiful job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!