DIY -happy pencil-

It was a quiet week over at the birds blog and unfortunately i couldn't find the time to make a pretty DIY post, but today i have one for you! This one is very easy and just perfect for a little (holiday) gift or you can just make these pencils for fun with your kids or at a children party!

DIY -happy pencil-
- chenille thread (thick or small)
- feathers
- pencil(s)
- crafting glue
- (little) pompoms

1. first wrap the chenille thread around the
end of your pencil (make sure it's tight, so that
it doesn't fall off!)

2 Grap the other end and make a little round,
put the feathers in the hole and confirm it tight.
I wrapped it around the other chenille thread,
because in my opinion it better secure this way!

3 time to glue the eyes and nose on!

4. your pencil is ready to be used!

aren't i sweet?

Have fun crafting!

XO. Vera

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