DIY Sunday: Magical fairy lights.

Happy Sunday, loves!

I love fairy lights and since their name is already magical, I wanted to make them more magical...:

fairy 10,

To bring some magic to your rooms, it takes

fairy 1

Fairy lights (I’d suggest using LED lights because the regular lights will get hot and that’s dangerous with the paper etc.)

Cupcake cups in different colours and sizes

Scalpel or Scissors

fairy 2

fairy 3

First, take a cupcake cup.

fairy 4

Use the scalpel to

fairy 6

cut an “X” into the base of the cupcake cup.

fairy 7

Then, plug the bulp of the fairy light through the “X”.

fairy 8

Cover all bulps with cupcake cups.

fairy 9

And bring some pretty magic to your room!

I know it’s a small project, but believe me: It’s SO much fun!!!!! <3

Hope, you enjoyed this cute little tutorial....

Love you all,



Anonymous said...

Aww this is really cute! I love fairy lights. :)

Little Sugar Monster

Suburban Sweetheart said...

Very simple and very pretty!

Alycia said...

cute blog you guys have here :)