DIY -make your own fall wreath-

My post was supposed to be ready yesterday, but i didn't have time to actually make a wreath. So i waited for today to make one :) Here we go...

You will need:
- a styrofoam wreath
- pins
- scissors (and if you like pinking shears for the fabric)
- fabric (i used an old fleece blanket)

Cut the fabric in slices and roll it on to your
wreath. Make sure that there are no blank
spots in between and that it covers your wreath.
Confirm the end and if you like the beginning with
a pin. Now you have the basis of your wreath.

Instead of using a ribbon i made a crochet one

Now it depends on what sort of wreath you
would like to make! Maybe you want to make
a pompom wreath or a polaroid one... I started
making polaroids that are fall inspired but i only
have a few so far... So i decided to make a wreath
with felt leafs. It's also possible to make one with paper
leafs! I used felt in the colors: orange,
green, red and brown. I usually start cutting all
kinds of shapes, but if your not comfy that way,
just use a marker and draw leafs before you cut
them out ;) Use good scissors!

a collection of my leafs

i first used these shaped leafs
and then i used the other shaped
leafs to fill the whole wreath
i secured them with a pin and
made sure that you can't see
the pins on top.

i found some cute fall brads in my stash,
that i decided to use

i used them to secure two leafs together.

I used all the other leafs to fill
the wreath just the way i like it!
I only filled the front, but if you
like you can also fill the sides too.

Have fun wreath making!
XO. Vera


Elizabeth Sanchez said...

this was so cute i had to go and make one for my front door! i used alot of buttons b/c well i love me some buttons! it looks kinda clutter but i LOVE it!!

Unknown said...

I like this idea! I featured it on my blog! come check it out! said...

That's gorgeous! I love the colors.