DIY make (fabric) butterflies

Hi :) I'm Vera and i'm the orange owl with the balloons. I 32 years, married with Harold and i work parttime as a teacher at a primary school. In my free time i paint, scrap and developing my skills on the sewingmachine, with knitting and crochet. I will make a post here every thursday. My posts are about inspiration, daily life, home and garden ideas, DIY projects and craft ideas for/with kids :D

For today i have a little spring/Easter DIY. It's really easy to make yourself and you can even make it together with your kids (they do have to use the siccors ;)) Spring has arrived and it's time to clean your house (ehhh i haven't done mine yet lol) and bring some spring inside.

You will need:
- (little) clothespins
- all sorts of fabrics
- fabric glue or double sticky tape
-(fabric) siccors
- paint is optional
-draw a butterfly on paper

If you don't have any fabrics lying around or
you don't want to use them,
you can also use some pretty
giftwrapping paper!

To make one butterfly you need to cut out the pattern two times.
I used fabric glue, but you can also use sided tape.
If the two fabrics are glued together and the sides aren't
completely matching, just cut a little on the sides.

I made three different ones for you to see :D

1. is the one that i made above
2. a butterfly made out of giftwrapping paper
3 made out of a single fabric and sewed together
in the middle

If you are not planning of hanging them in your
Easter curly willow branches, you can also make
them and add them on top of a gift or giftcard!

I also made some flowers, wich i also added
with a clothespin. I used crepe paper and a
few other papers. Just make sure that the
paper is flexible.

Draw a flowershape and cut it out.
You can make a single flower, double or triple.
Fold them together in the middle
and you have a pretty flower.
If you like you can make
flowers by doing origami etc.

So here it is... my handmade
butterfly/flower branch!

I also made one with bows :D

This is the one i have in my livingroom!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and feel inspired by it. If you have any questions, just leave a comment! Next week i will make a post about making flowers with different materials :D Hope to see you then :) Wishing you a lovely day. XO.


Nellie Mae said...

You have been busy! I love this idea--butterflies are my favorite!!

Anonymous said...

Loved the DIY!!! I'll do some :)

marci said...

I'm totally going to try this project. I love butterflies!!!

I wanted to tell all of you that I think this blog is great. Such an awesome idea to get a group of people together like this. Your banner might be the cutest banner ever! So, I passed on the Beautiful Blogger award to you today. :)

Vera said...

Thanxx Marci for your sweet comment :)
Have fun making your own butterflies! XO.