Yellow Says Springtime

Hello! I'm AJ (the purple owl!) and I'll be doing posts about COLOR! I love color and believe it's absolutely necessary for a happy life :-) Every Saturday you'll get a post about color in craft, design, art, wardrobe...anything! I thought I'd start off with a little color inspiration and a style tip.

To me, nothing says springtime like yellow. Yellow is sunshine, chicks, daffodils, and butterflies. (And an itty-bitty, teeny-weeny, yellow polka dot bikini. But we won't go there.) Here are some yellow pretties for you:

Happy Spring, Yellow!

Wardrobe tip: Black and white is timeless and classy, but you can never go wrong with a pop of COLOR! Try a pair of bright shoes, a scarf, or a headband! [Check out Katja's awesome headband tutorial.] Spring is a time for color - embrace it!

love, aj
(all images via weheartit)


Vera said...

hello yellow :D it all brings a spring feelin'! XO.

ps this was my hello yellow post

Nellie Mae said...

Oh, AJ! This is such a beautiful post! I am so excited to see your posts each week!! Great job!

Velma said...

So pretty!! Love the head band idea!
I've also given you guys the beautiful blogger award! This is such a cute idea and love seeing the newness each day!

Paul said...

Yello polkadot bikini!

AJ said...

Thank youuu :)
You're so sweet!
Thanks for the link, Paul ;)

mnB said...

oh what a great YELLOW post! sooo love the room at the bottom! xoxo