Sunday DIY - Fabric flowers

Happy Sunday!

Today, I would love to share a very cute and also (as usual) very simple DIY:

This cute fabric flower could be used as a pin or a brooch or even as a cute hair accessory. Just see how it's made:

You will need fabric, scissors, thread and a sewing needle. And a button, if you want to. :)

First, cut straps from your fabric. I cut 3, but actually only used 2 in the end ^^

Then, fold the first strap to half.
You can iron it, but no need to. :)
Then, take needle and thread and sew along the open end, using a loose stitch.

Once your strap is all "closed",

pull the thread.

There will magically be a ruffle.
And it already looks like a flower, doesn't it?! :)

Now, you can sew the open ends together to make it look more like a circle/flower.
Don't cut off the thread! Take the second strap, fold it to half and start sewing it onto the ruffle/flower using the loose stitch again.

Once you've reached the end of your strap, pull again and you have a second ruffle.
It may take a while, but try to stretch the second ruffle a little bit so it will be wider than the first one.

Sew the ends together again.
At this point, your basic flower is finished!

I thought a button in the center of the flower would look cute.
And I was right, mh?! :)

Those flowers are so much fun and so easy to make! I suggest it's a perfect Sunday evening craft ;) Hope you like this cute idea and have fun creating!



Nellie Mae said...

Great tutorial Kaja! I love these flowers, I haven't ever made one...guess I should!!

AJ said...

Sweet :) Thanks for the DIY!

Christine said...

Great tutorial! Thanks!

Vera said...

pretty pretty pretty... we like pretty xD <3

Carol Anne said...

loved this tutorial! thanks katja!

KristrĂșn Helga(DĂșdda) said...

Thanks so much!

Made one for myself. And linked to your DIY ;-)

kate @ undeniable style said...

i used flowers similar to this for my style school wreath. Love them!!