Spring flowers

Hi, I am Inkie, I am the green birdie. Every tuesday I will bring you loads of green and eco-friendly inspiration and DIY's.

Spring has finally arrived in our garden, with the first bulbs flowering and some green popping up everywhere.

I like to have a little of that spring feeling and colors in my house. This weekend I made some flowers out of old magazines to bring that little bit of color in the house. It was very easy and quickly done. All you need are scissors, old (colorfull) magazines, some tape and if you like some green yarn.

First, rip out the nice, colorfull pages from the magazines (pages with no, or hardly any text and with just one main color work best for this purpose).
Next, cut out squares, about the size of normal folding paper.

Use your best origami skills to fold flowers and stick them to some rolled up paper that will be the stem. I also used some green yarn to cover the stems on some of the flowers. When you are not an origami-hero, you can also cut out flower shapes and stick those to the stems.
This is my bouquet, with all different flowers:

Want to show off your own recycled paper flowers? Come and show them in our Flickr group!

Love, Inkie


Nellie Mae said...

Such a cute idea!! I love it!

Vera said...

i just love origami :D great that it is spring again!