Happy Hooking!

Hi, darlings! I'm Emily Mae. My owl is the little pink one with the crochet hook in one hand (wing?) and the iPhone in the other!

Each week, I'll be bringing you some inspiration in the form of fun projects, patterns or pictures involving crochet (my favorite craft) or generally "geeky" things (because I'm such a nerd at heart, really).

Today I thought I'd just give you all a little introduction in the form of something I call a "lovelies" post, like I do (almost) every Monday on my own blog, Divine Chaos! I'll probably do one of these every few weeks in the future(:

1. Lovely purse

2. Lovely (faux) taxidermy!
I'd love some of these guys on my walls.

3. Lovely little guys!
I'm such a scifi nerd.

4. Lovely stones (and other things).

5. Lovely display.
I wish I had shelves full of yarn-y goodness like this!

6. Lovely (and completely awesome) rug!

7. Lovely sundae!

8. Lovely granny squares.
Well, granny hexagons. I want one of these blankets!

9. Lovely "cupcakes"!
Red velvet, hehe!

10. Lovely whimsical creature!

And here's a bonus: a little something to look forward to next week!

I'll be sharing the pattern and technique to make your very own Starfleet insignia! (I'll also be posting a variation on it that makes a cute heart, for those of you not as obsessed with Trek as I am!)

Emily Mae


Nellie Mae said...

Lovely post! My favorite is the faux taxidermy and the stones--so pretty!! Can't wait to see what you do next week!!

Velma said...

Love the geeky items! I honestly squealed when I saw the star wars dolls! HOW CUTE!

AJ said...

Wondrous! I'm a geek, too ^_^

Unknown said...

awesome !i cant wait fo rthe star trek crochet! :)