Sunday DIY - PomPom Flats.

Happy first day of Spring!

This is the first of many Sunday - DIYs and inspirations I will show you. :) Every spring and summer, I wear a lot of flats. They look so great!

To make your flats special, you will need:

A pair of old flats. Most likely choose those who are not already decorated with a bow.

Yarn in your favorite colour and a PomPom Maker. If you don't have a PomPom Maker, here's a great instruction on how to make PomPoms without it.

Start making 2 PomPoms.

And then,

sew the PomPom to the shoe.

It's a very simple project, fast and easy. But it's very cute, right?!

Hope to see some of your pictures soon in our flickr group!!!



Inkie said...

great tutorial, thank you Katja! Now we really started :)

AJ said...

Awesome, Katja! Here we gooo :D

Vera said...

love it!! excited :)

Paul said...

Pom Pom Flats! (sorry Inkie)

Anonymous said...

YAY! Amazing DIY Katja ;) hope everyone had a marvelous weekend!

Nellie Mae said...

Okay, I thought I wouldn't have time to create a post since I just got back from my vaca - today - but I just prepared tomorrow's post--- you totally inspired me!