Jewelry as Delicious as Dessert!

Happy Wednesday!

To answer the question of the week (how you like your easter eggs?): I think as a kid I liked the plastic ones best when they were filled with: reeses peanut butter cups, starburst jelly beans, or money! I do like deviled eggs, too (my dad makes the best ones!)

Today I wanted to share some ideas for keeping your jewelry organized. Up until about a month ago I had the biggest problem leaving my jewelry laying the kitchen discarded before doing dishes...on the tv stand when I get home from work...and in the bathroom before taking a shower...the list goes on and I live in a studio apartment people! This has changed my life:

I LOVE the idea of taking a tiered dessert tray and turning it into a place to hold all of your baubles. I think this would make a great display in a home or in a store (note to self). Here are just a couple of the ones I am drooling over today (who doesn't love milk glass?):

I have the strongest urge to buy this lace one and spray paint it a delicious shade of robin's egg blue...just in time for Easter, and Spring! You can click the images to go directly to the websites to purchase. Prices range from $20-$50 dollars.

If you try out this project or find another jewelry organize to call your own, please comment and link to photos, and if I can't resist the urge to buy this little lace one, I'll be sure to let you know how my own project goes.

Happy Easter!


maedchenmitherz said...

*sigh* i am desperately searching for a cute little dessert tray/cupcake stand to store my items.... <3 so i like this idea really much!!!!

AJ said...

Great idea!
Jewelry storage is sooo important! My hubby and I designed this for mine :) (I love that it doesn't take up any surface area!

Nellie Mae said...

I have been searching for one of those dessert stands!! They are always too expensive though.....I am a cheapo!