Antiquing your modern photos!

Hello everyone! I am constantly on the hunt for free online photo editing software that is easy to use. I've told you recently about Big Huge Labs and Picnik but I found another online site that is really cool for antiquing new photos to make them look like old photos.

While browsing Google for 'vintage florals' I came across the blog Little Green Notebook and a post about this website for antiquing your photos.  She said that she was really happy with the results and gave some examples of photos she has manipulated and she said don't be afraid of the Japanese characters--the entire site is in Japanese--and she provides an image in her post that shows where to click in order to upload and convert your photos.

I tried out the site and I am really happy with the results of the photos!!

 Original photo:
Antique style:

Aren't they so cool???  I think they are so cool looking!!  If you decide to try it out, post a link in the comments, I would love to see what you create!

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Vera said...

cool looking indeed xD