DIY - make your own jar lantern-

Hi :) I'm happy that the internet is working again! A few hours ago i wanted to make my post and couldn't get any connection... so i'm happy that it's working now xD For today i have made a summer feelin' DIY. I just adore jars that are being used as little lanterns. I still dream about a tree in my garden that's filled with lantern jars... Light them and just have a romantic evening!

-scissors (i used my special jewelry pliers)

1. Wash your jar and soak the label off. Cut a piece of wire long enough to twist around the rim and secure it firmly.

2.Select the buttons you want to use & pull the wire through. If they have shanks, give the wire a little twist at the back to keep the buttons in place.

3. Wrap the line with flowers and buttons around the neck of the jar & fasten the wire by making several twists.

4. I used the same wire to make a handle, but you can also use a new piece of wire. Twist the wire and hold it in place securely and then twist it on the other side and your done!

5. If you like you can also paint the glass with special paint (i did by making little blue flowers).

Other ideas to use your jar for:
-use them as storage for your collections of buttons, shells, sea stars etc
-use them to make a gift (make your own jam, put candy in it, make a little vase)
-make several & hang them in your garden or place them on a table

Have fun making your own!


LollyChops said...

I looove this (and your teal nails rock the planet). I currently have teal toenails as I could not possibly get away with teal nails at work... sigh.

Emily Mae said...

These are awesome! I just found some tea lights lying around, too! I'll have to find some jars now!

HappyFroggy said...

I like it so much!
Like being in a fairytale, maybe in a warm summer night! I totally have to make one of these.

Stephanie said...

I love them!!

AJ said...

Great tutorial! I love jar lanterns :D

Unknown said...

cuute! These are so summery, I love them. I featured them on my blog here:

...on the brink of something beautiful said...

ekkk!! its like you were reading my mind. ive been trying to figure out the best way to decorate some candles for my patio!
thanks for the lovely inspiration!

Birds of a feather said...

I'm glad you all love it so much xD XO. Vera