DIY -make decorations with sea treasures-

Hello again :) Just wanted to let you know that i'm happy with all the comments that i got on my last post! If you have made a cute (lantaern) jar, don't forget to leave a link ;) For today i made a post that incluides two easy DIY's. When it's summertime i like summer decorations in my house. So that means besides flowers in cute little vases, that i have all sorts of shells & seastars lying or hanging somewhere. I collect shells when i'm on vacation or at a beach. So i have shells from Greece, France, Marocco, Italy, Bonaire.... and off course the Netherlands ;) I also love shopping in flowershops that sell all sorts of sea treasures like: seastars, sea urchins, shell hangers etc. It always feel like buying little treasures & it always makes me smile (gladly i have a friend who likes it as much as i do).

The first DIY for today -Make your own sea feelin' tray-

You will need:
-a decoration tray, vase, jar etc
-sea urchin(s)

The second DIY -make your own shell photoframe-

- (wooden) photoframe (mine is from ikea)
- hot glue pistol
- lot's of little shells in all kind of shapes and colors
- a cute beach/sea photo or card (i used a card
from a childerens book)

Hope i inspired you enough
to make your own beachy feelin' decoration xD

XO. Vera

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