garland inspiration ♥

For today i've made a post for you that's all about garlands. When i was making this post & looked at all the pretty pictures that i found (on weheartit) i feel inspired to make lots and lots of garlands xD I just adore garlands & i'm so happy that they are not only used for holidays and birthdays anymore! You can use them in your garden, to decorate a cabinet, hang them in your babyroom or in your craftspace.

If you have never made one, i would say give it a try! Start with the the paper ones that you can make and see how it goes. You can use lots of materials to make your own garland. If you do want to use them in the garden, be sure to use plastic or remove it when drops of rain begin to fall... I've made garlands by hand, but i must say that the quickest way to make them is by using a sewingmachine (especially when you are working with fabric or felt). The garlands that i've made so far: one with paper cupcake holders, one with paper hearts, 3 with felt hearts and several with paper punched figures (good way to use your punches again!). On my list is the pompom garland and ehh i wanne make a real long one xD

Enjoy the garland parade & i hope you feel inspired enough to make one!

round and round we go...

just adore these!

just use the (news)paper &
cut out the shape of a heart

aren't these cute for a babyroom?

If you've a garland, leave a link
below i would love to see it!

XO. Vera


Nicole Underwood Gonzalez said...

I love them all!! the teardrop one is adorable!!

Cassie said...

I just made a garland!!!

I am a banner freak!!!

Vera said...

hi Cassie! Just left a comment on your blog xD

Nora said...

I´m a banner freak, too.

I love, love, love them!
I would habe boyfreind lives with me ;)

Birds of a feather said...

Hi Nora! thanxx for the links that you have left. We just can't get enough of pretty banners right ;) XO. Vera