DIY Sunday: Fruit Slices from polymer Clay

Hi there <3

Here's a new and easy and cute POLYMER CLAY DIY for you:

(Those fruit slices are made from so called "canes". )

You will need:

Polymer Clay in white and transparent yellow as well as real yellow and a razorblade. Oh, and something to roll out your clay.

Take a piece of white clay.

Roll it out.

Put aside and take a big piece of the transparent yellow.

Form a cylinder.

Use your razorblade to cut the cylinder in two pieces.

Now you have 2 even pieces.

Put one of the halves onto the rolled out white.

Then, cut off.

Put the pieces back together.

And cut into halves again.

Repeat the procedure.

As soon as you are finished, you will have 8 pieces. :)

Roll out another piece of white clay.

And wrap it around the cylinder.

Cut off the leftover.

Now, roll out some yellow clay.

And wrap around the cylinder too.

See?! :D

Now, start squeezing the cylinder. Start in the middle...

Squeeze it...

And squeeze, squeeze, squeeze.

And once your cane is "long", start rolling.

Once you are done, cut a slice off the cane. :)

Looks real, right?!

Bake the clay friut slices according to the instructions and use them as dollhouse decorations or some cute jewelry.

With some orange clay, you could also start making orange slices. Or use green for lime slices.

Feel free to create new styles, ladies!
Hope you like this tutorial.




Vera said...

can't wait to try this <3

Martina said...

oh how awesome, thanks :D

I love polymer clay but somehow it never works when I try haha

xx Martina

Unknown said...

Thanks for the tutorial!! I featured it on my blog here...

Nellie Mae said...

wow, these are so awesome, thanks for the great idea!!

Catherine said...

I found this on Punk Projects, so cute! I love this tutorial! Thanks!


Oh, My Darling said...

Just found your blog, and I'm enjoying reading it so much! This is a really fun project.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's really interesting!!

Happy Kathy said...

A-E-W-S-O-M-E!!!!Absolutely useful!!!!!Nice job!!!!!!!!!!!