party time

I am a day late, sorry for that! Weather is crazy hot here and buzy preparing my 30th birthday party :) I'll be 29 for just one more night.

Acording to the weather forecasts it will be 30-something degrees on the party day, saturday. This has had a big influence on my shopping list: I need a lot of icecubes, cold drinks, icecream and salads for dinner and lunch. I plan on making special icecubes, with a little leaf of mint or a little piece of fruit in it. I hope to do all the cake baking tomorrow. This is the first time I plan to make all cupcakes and mini apple cakes. Usually I make a couple of cupcakes, but mostly big apple cakes.

I am not sure about the decorations yet. I'll definately do something with flowers and garlands. But maybe some balloons too. I would like to go with an all green and natural theme, but I don't know if I'll have enough time and energy for that.
A great inspiration for the decorations is this video:

But, as I am planning, having great ideas and wanting a lot, it is also hot, very hot. This makes me want to go to the beach all day, swimming, canoeing, reading in the shade, and be lazy all day long.

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