DIY for kids -make your own dreamcatcher-

For today my first DIY for kids on the birdsblog. I don't know if our readers have kids, but even if you don't it's a fun project to do with kids from friends, with cousins, nephews or in your art class :) I would recommend to do this together, just make sure that when your child is making one you can keep an eye on what they are doing!

-chenille wire
-siccors (for cutting the chenille wires)

Pick one chenille wire and make a round shape, knot
it together. I used a thicker one for the outside &
smaller ones on the inside.

Pick a chenille wire in the color that you like
and wrap it around one side and then on the
other. The rest of the wire that you won't
be needing can be cut.

After the purple one i used a green orange and
blue chenille wire from one side to the other.

After that i used yellow to make a smaller
round in the middle.

add some small wires from the outside
round to the middle round and pick
any color that you like.

Now it's time to make a round so that you
can hang your dreamcatcher ;)

Get some chenille wire and make a little round shape.
Then wrap it around the top of your dreamcatcher,
make sure it's tight!

I added one bead and pulled the chenille wire through.
I wrapped the wire around in the middle a few times.

You can only use bigger beads, because they have
bigger holes ;) If you like to add more beads, you
can do that every time that you are adding wire.

Okay final step!
Get your feathers xD
Confirm your chenille wire on the bottem
and add as many feathers that you like.
I used 3 chenille wires (i made
one with two colors) and tree feathers.

ta da!! you are ready!!

If your child likes to craft and he or she's a little older (9 years) they can try the advanced one! This one is also for grown ups ;) I made a post on my own blog a few days ago, here's the link

Enjoy your dreamcatcher(s)!!
Leave me a link if you have made one
or add it to our flickr group


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