Easter & DIY -flowers part 1-

Hi :) I can't believe that it's almost Easter already :) The question of the week is: What's your favorite way to eat your Easter egg? Quite boring ha ha just boiled or scrambled with some salt on a baked baguette hot from the oven, yummie! I love the Easter breakfast with my sweet husband or with my family. We ususally brunch together at my parents house. I also love love love eating chocolate eggs. My fav's are: cappucino, white or dark chocolate with some orange pieces in them :)

When we were little, my parents hid the easter eggs everywhere in the house & it was always so much fun finding them! I hope to do this in the future with my own kids ;)

As promised i would show you ways to make flowers with different materials! Easter, spring and flowers all belong together in my opinion. That's why i made a mixed post today that i hope you like :)

DIY -flowers part 1- Make your own flower t-shirt

You will need:
a t-shirt,
ribbon with flowers,
embroidery thread
and needle.

I bought my ribbon with flowers at the market. If you can't find any you can also use a pompom ribbon or any other cute ribbon that you might find! By hand you will be adding it to your t-shirt. Make sure that you work only through the ribbon part and not through the flowers! Just make sure that it's secure. I also made a little hairpiece with my leftover flower. I made two leaves from green felt and sewed them together with the flower. Then i used my hot glue gun to add it to my hairclip :)

ta da... your outfit is ready!

I found lovely photos on wehearit for just a little more flower and Easter inspiration :)

Wishing you a happy Easter!



helena said...

fantastic idea, thanks. loving this new blog

maedchenmitherz said...

loooove these! so much like spring <3 and love you <3

AJ said...

You look cuuute! :)

Nellie Mae said...

Love your shirt, so cute!!