Felt and Fabric Craft Swap Goodness

Recently I signed up for a craft swap. A craft swap--yipppppeeeeee!!! The official name is the "Great Camp-Out Craft Swap" and it is sponsored by a Amanda Lester at apple blue vintage. With a camping theme in mind I started making a list of 'camp' related things I like:

After looking on Etsy for camping related crafts, I was totally stumped. And then I saw someone's blog post about how they made some cool sun glass cases. I would love to share the link with you. I have spent the last hour looking at every blog in my blog roll and I cannot remember who gave the the idea or even what the original sun glass cases looked like. I did not save the original image. I barely looked at it. I just remembered that it looked easy and I started dreaming up my own way of creating the little cases using felt so that I wouldn't have to iron under a bunch of seams.

So I made up my own plan of attack.

I wish I would've made this into a DIY. But I did not. haha.

1. First I made a rough measurement of my fabric and cut out a rectangle that would fold in half and fit over my sunglasses. Since I was creating a whole bunch, I cut out all the fabric I needed at the same time.
2. I put it on a piece of felt and cut the felt slightly larger on the top end. I cut out all the felt at the same time.
3. I stitched up the edges, wrong sides together, leaving the top open. I did all the sewing for each one at the same time.
4. I turned the 'pocket' inside out. I used an iron to press it flat and in half. I also pressed the top flap down to cover the top edge of the fabric. I did all the ironing at the same time.
5. Finally, I stitched around two sides to close it up and added embellishments. It was so nice to clip off all the loose strings and glue on the flowers. This was so fun! I wish I would've used pinking sheers on this project, but I can never find my pair when I want them!

I had to make 16 for the swap, but I think I made 20 so that I could keep a few for all my sunglasses!

 Now I know you are wondering about the embellishments that I used. For the one below, I just covered a couple of buttons and stitched those on. I love covered buttons!

Below you can see another version that I made. I had the soft vintage-ish fabric above and I also had this great corduroy fabric so I decided to use both.

 For the felt flowers....let's see....Oh yes, a couple of months a go LollyChops (the very lovely and talented LollyChops!)  had an awesome video tutorial on felt flowers. I made a bunch but I never used them for anything. They were just trapped inside a plastic container waiting to be freed. I used fabric glue to attach them to the fabric cases and made some little felt leaves too! Total cuteness!

I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for another post later today. I didn't have time to post last Monday so I decided to do two this week!

Oh and to see what another craft swapper made, check out Run With Scissors's Janel created! Compass bows---sweet!


angela said...

can't wait to get mine...!

AJ said...

Those are a-dor-a-ble!! I made some simple ones last month :) http://ajthepurple.blogspot.com/2010/06/busy-saturday-take-6.html

Nellie Mae said...

AJ, I am sure your blog is where I got the idea! Thanks for sharing the link!!