Hello Death Valley...

Last week, I made a journey to Arizona to visit my brother. After a few days in Lake Havasu, we made a little road trip to Carlsbad California for a couple of nights. Then we drove up to Las Vegas so that I could fly home. On our way to LV, we passed through Death Valley and made a quick pit stop. While fueling up, I saw this old abandoned hotel and I knew it would be perfect for the black and white film I had just loaded into my Holga. I don't have those pictures back yet, but I wanted to share these with you. I snapped them with my Nikon D5000.

Oh, did I mention that it was REALLY hot?? I had a candy bar in the car and I left the door open for a couple of minutes while I was getting my camera out of my suitcase....the Snickers totally melted into a pool of peanuts and nougat. It was still a yummy road trip snack, but wow!
Well, I am going to be home this week so I hope to get some craftiness going to share with you next week!

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