Sunday DIY - apron

Hello friends!!! :D

Sorry for not posting a DIY last Sunday... But as an excuse, todays DIY is fabulous! Promised...
You all might know how much I love retro things. And the best retro thingie is: an apron! So here's mine:

Cute?! Hell yeah! :D

And so so so SO simple. You only need:

Fabric, a pair of scissors and your sewing machine.

To find out the perfect size, wrap the fabric around your belly... I took the size of one bone to the other as the perfect size for it.

Cut a piece of your measured size.

Fold to half.

Cut round edges.

Now you have a apron shaped piece of fabric.

And cut some stripes from your fabric. They will become your ruffles later.

Now, fold the fabric edges.

And now, add the ruffles. Therefore, simply fold the fabric spaced and use pins to fix it.

That's what it will look like before sewing. :)

Now, you will need 2 fabric straps. They will be your apron belt. Cut them so they can be wrapped around your body and make sure you will be able to tie a knot.

Fold them to half, the inner side up.

Sew them together.

Finish it beveled. Leave the other side open.

Turn it inside out.

And now, add it to the top of your apron.

Fold the fabric over the belt piece.

And now sew along the apron lines.

Use a simple stitch to sew along the lines and a zig zag stitch to sew along the top side and then, along the lower top side where the belt pieces are.

See?! :D

And now, you have a very cute apron to style you pretty when you work at home or clean the house or bake or cook or just for fun! :D

I hope this tutorial was easy to understand and to follow and even though my english these days isn't the best, - I hope you will be able to make your own apron soon!

Thanks everyone for your support and love.



Carley said...

This is the cutest thing ever. I'm gonna make one in white and pink!

AJ said...

Very simple and adorable! Great DIY :)

Inkie said...

great tutorial! I love the fabric you used!