yarn stash

I just spend over an hour sorting my yarn stash. Well actually, just a quarter of my stash.
Sometimes I remember the days my stash was still small, like this beautiful stash from Making Chicken Salad:

But nowadays, it looks more like this:

(This is actually a little part of my friend Marije's stash :-) )

I use a part of my cd cabinet, a couple of purple boxes, a wicker basket and my couch for storing my yarn. I am looking foreward to the day that I will have a huge cabinet with lots of compartments to store and display my yarn. In the meantine the couch works just fine and I like to daydream looking at great yarn collections of other people online, like these:

What does your stash look like? What do you use to store it?

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Carol Anne said...

So pretty! I love just looking at yarn.

My yarn stash is pretty big. My husband had to make a special desk for me with tons of shelving to hold all my yarn. I also use hampers to hold my scrap yarn balls. It's starting to dwindle down though. I don't buy much anymore unless it's for a special project. But I always have the color I want for those just because projects! :)

Casey said...

my yarn stash is a horrible disaster! it's all piled in bags and crocheted baskets in one big laundry basket. I really need to get tackling it soon

Anonymous said...

I keep mine in a big plastic tub! And I organized it using bottle separators (like the kind that separate beer bottls) :)
It works well, and it's FULL!

Vera said...

oh my i love the ones in the suitcase and the ones in the last picture! i have my yarn stashed in a big basket... but i recentely bought lot's of yarn, so i'm not sure if it's gonna fit anymore :P So maybe i'm gonna organise it by color in part of my big cupboard :)

Great post xD

AJ said...

My yarn stash is somewhat color coded, but it's all in one drawer in a little dresser I have! Nowhere else to put it >_<

Marije said...

That's not exactly the prettiest part of my stash, Inkie! :)

Inkie said...

thanks for sharing what your yarn stashes look like! I'm still hoping to find that perfect cabinet for all my yarn, so I can show of all the beautiful colors.

@Marije I know! but it so nice and colorfull. And it has a great purpose :D