Coloring Your Space

The colors on your walls impact the way your rooms feel.

Cool greens and blues seem to retract, making a space feel more open.

Warm yellows and oranges contract, making a space feel cozy.

And of course vibrant colors make a room come alive.

What color are your walls?


Inkie said...

Most of my walls are white, but in my living room / kitchen I have one green wall and in my sleeping room I have one dark red/burgundy/brown wall.

I am already thinking of colors for my future home(s). The latest thought on that is a light brown or terra cotta for the kitchen wall, combined with light colored or white cabinets.

Jessi said...

I'm a student and I live in a small room. I like it cosy and romantic/chill, so I painted one wall brown and the others white (eggshell?). Unfortunately I'm moving in September, and I'm not allowed to paint in my new room. Aawch :(

helena said...

I'm decorating all the rooms in my home at the moment - lots of colour. mybedroom has one wall aubergine and the other 3 lilac. My kitchen will be oranges and terracotta. My living room will be honey and sage

AJ said...

Love all the colors! I won't talk about my apartment...but my parents' house is really colorful, and I love it! The kitchen is cheerfully yellow, the guest room is a bright green, their room is a cool blue...I love it :)