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Hi! I just came from my vacation, that i spend not far away. We stayed in the Netherlands and enjoyed our vacation at Terschelling (a Dutch island). If you like to see peeks you can click here to go over to my blog :) Before i start with today's blog we want to thank Nikolina for rewarding us with the versatile blogger award ❤ I've missed your comment because i was on vacation, but i will make a post about it next week! Do you want us to make a list of inspirational blogs all together or separate? Let me know :)

After spending so much wonderful time outside the last few weeks, outside and inside merge. When it's really hot we have our patio doors open in the early morning to let the fresh air in. I always enjoy eating my breakfast outside at that time, by sitting at our bench in the garden. I't quiet so early in the morning, so you can hear the birds singing....

I love outdoor furniture, picknick baskets, plants, pots and decorations! During the fall and winter i always decorate my garden. This way i can enjoy looking outside when i spend my time sitting at the couch inside with a hot cup of tea. I know it's still the middle of summer, so i'm enjoying every moment that i can spend outside!

all images are from the Dutch magazine

I will end this post with this sweet garden picture
that i found at the lovely blog of miss Bee
An easy way to give your old gardentable a new look!

Hope you enjoyed this post xD


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Inkie said...

Now I am sure: Our garden looks boring (white plastic furniture and no decorations). But I feel greatly inspired by your post. So, maybe, next year?

One more thing: can I congratulate you on the 100th post on birds of a feather? I just noticed that we have a little over a hundred now, and this one is nr. 100!