green crafting: recycled paper crafts

Three weeks ago I showed you how you can use old magazines to bring some spring inside your house. Today I want to show you some more ways to use recycled paper for your crafts.


There are many ways of making paper garlands, like:
-Cut out shapes and sew them together into a garland
-Use stripes of paper to make a paper chain garland

You can find some great examples here:
-Valentine garland
-Christmas garland
-Sewn recycled paper garland
-Paper chain garland
-Laura's garland


I found some great examples of jewelry made with or out of recycled paper. What do you think of this jewelry from recycled magazines? Or my favorite: a bangle, decorated with a vintage map?

Gift wrapping

I am not the person that has piles and piles of nice gift wrapping paper. Sometimes I buy some with a nice pattern, but most of the time I have none. So the gifts I give are usually wrapped in someting else. Magazines, paper bags, newspapers, plastic bags, even an old coloring book. I used it all. Maybe next time, I will even use some extra recycled paper to make a cute bow or flower to put on the package.

Do you want more?

What about placemats?

Wall art?

Or even yarn made from newspapers?

Happy crafting!
Love, Inkie

Are you inspired? Please show us your creations at our Flickr group.


Unknown said...

Love it!! This would be great featured in our Blog Carnival, details here...

AJ said...

Great ideas :)

Nancy D. said...

Loved your ideas!

Della said...

This is awesomeness! Now I know what to do with that pile of magazines! said...

I love that BOW... holly molly it is nicer then the ones in the store... great job... i can't wait to try it with my kids ripped up books