DIY -Paint your own mug, coffeecup or bowl-

For today i have a cute DIY :) I've painted several things over the years & especially for today i've painted these coffee cups. This way i could show you how it works step by step!

What do you need?
- coffee cups (or some other china that you like to paint)
- black china paint (you can also use a special porcelain painter (marker))
- small brushes
- carbon paper
- white paper
- ballpoint/pencil

- draw the moustache with a pen or pencil on a piece of white paper
- put the carbon paper behind the white paper
- use tape to secure it to your cup
-check if the right piece of carbon is on the cup
- take a pencil or ballpoint and go over the lines that you
have already drawn
-when your done, take it all off
- if you did it right.. there are lines!

If you don't have any lines, the carbon paper was on the
wrong side, just do it over it over again on the right side!

paint them & let them dry
When the paint is dry and you don't like
what you have made, you can just scrape it off
with your nails or a little knife.
This is also the way to remove some paint
that was a little over the lines!

My cups are ready to put in the oven for half an hour
on a temperature of 140 degrees!
Read on your paint jars what they write about
how your paint will stay on permanent!!

I looked back in my photo's to show you
some of my other creations :)

There is a little difference when you make these!
Instead of painting directely you first
make all the lines black with the china paint
& a dip pen. The reason that i use a dip pen,
is because you can make fine lines!
Let it dry and then paint with a small brush
all the colors that you like inside the lines ;)

I hope you like this post &
feel inspired to try it yourself!

Next week i will not be here
to post :( I'm going away for
a week & where we are i don't have
any access to the internet!
I'm really curious... a week with no
internet, blogging etc OMG :P


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Nellie Mae said...

Will miss you next week! Great post--I would love to try this!