DIY Sunday: Polaroid Garland

Hi everyone!

And congratulations to all MOMs in the world. Very special thoughts go out to my mom who obviously is the best mom in the world!

Today's DIY is really easy but oh-so-cute! I have a bunch of these polaroid garlands everywhere around the house. They make a good window decoration:

You will need:

Fabric scraps

First, cut a shape or a letter from the Polaroid. I decided to cut the word LOVE and a heart.

Remove the shape (or letter ^^).

Now, take your fabric scrap and

cut it so it fits behind the polaroid.

Glue the fabric behind your polaroid.

Keep doing this with all polaroids. :D

Take your clothespins and your wool....

...and pin the polaroids to the wool-strap! Guess what? You're done.

I also think this is a very cute last minute mother's day present:

Have a very magical Sunday, everyone!



Grace's Dollhouse said...

I've been doing this little picture displaying technique since I was little. It works great for dorm rooms too! I'd hang everything from pictures to concert tickets on it. It's like a really easy scrapbook for your wall! Never tried the cut outs though. Cute idea. I might do some for my kitchen :)


Suburban Sweetheart said...

This is gorgeous! I love it. Wish I had Polaroids!

Lindsay C said...

That is so cute ! I really need a polaroid camera. My grandmother found one for me, I just have to go pick it up ! and I am hoping for a fujifilm camera for my birthday !! :) This is a lovely diy. !!