DIY Sunday - fake flowers

Hi there!
Today is the sunniest day since last summer aaaaand I was sitting on my new decorated balcony to create some magic! So here's your new DIY:

A cute fake flower for your garden or to decorate your room.

Here's what you will need:
- yarn (I chose purple and dark green)
- crochet hook
- wire
- tool
- scissors
- buttons

First, crochet a flower. I made a tutorial on crocheted flowers. It's easy to follow... you might as well check youtube for some great video tutorials!

After finishing the flower, put it aside and then take your wire, a button and the tool.

Fold the wire in the middle and

put it through the button.

Next, put the wire with the button through the middle of your flower.

That's what it will look like at the back of the flower.

Then, twirl the wire to make sure it stays in its place. I used my tool to help me! :)

Now, take the green yarn and wrap it around the wire. This is your flower stalk.

And guess what?! You are done!

A quick and easy and fun project to light up your Sunday!

Happy Crafting!


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