Come and say hello

It has already been two months that I showed you the first flowers of spring in my garden. These last two months I spent more and more time in the garden. All the sun and rain is doing the plants well. Both the ones a I want and the ones that don't belong in my garden. So I have done a lot of weeding, planting, replanting and seeding.
I dedicated the front part of the garden, closest to the house, to edible herbs. Some of them already started to bloom. Since I don't really need all the herbs to eat, I let them bloom for the biggest part and keep just a little bit free of flowers, so I can eat them too.
The back of the garden is one big wilderness. Last year I took some different seed mixtures, both with indiginous and cultured plants and just trew them in the garden. The result was beautiful! All summer long this part of the garden was full of flowers and buzzing with bees. This year I try to get mostly indiginous species. So again I trew in some seed mixtures, but this time only with plants that belong here.
Well, I think I have talked enough now, let me take you for a little walk in the garden.

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